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Greywater Irrigation Systems from Filtrific


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In Flotender installations which utilize the pump timer, an auto-fill system can be installed to add potable water or stored rainwater as necessary to ensure proper irrigation.

Auto-Fill System (GL & GXL Multi-Zone Systems)

Ensuring proper irrigation during reduced greywater production

Auto-Fill Sensor

Electric Valve

Rain Right Auto-Fill Controller


From Stored Rainwater or Potable Water Line

Zone Activated

Sensor Detects

The auto-fill zone is preset to activate at the same time as the pump timer.

The in-processor sensor detects the stored water level.

Electric Valve Opens

If the water level is low, the electric valve will be opened and additional potable or stored rainwater will be added.

Electric Valve Closes

Once the in-processor sensor detects sufficient  water has been added the electric valve closes.

GL Multi-Zone
Auto-Fill System

Price: $2,165.00
Model: AFS-MZ-GL
Sensor, air-gap, electric valve and controller included.

Built-In Back-flow Protection

The Flotender auto-fill features an air-gap which provides reliable back-flow protection to ensure that greywater will never be siphoned back into the potable water line or stored rainwater supply.

Air Gap Assembly Only

Model: GAF-2
Price: $325.00

GXL Multi-Zone
Auto-Fill System

Price: $2,215.00
Sensor, air-gap, electric valve and controller included.

 Greywater Irrigation Systems

Custom Systems


Custom Systems


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