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Greywater Irrigation Systems from Filtrific


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Advanced Greywater Filtration, Pressurization & Containment

Specifically designed for landscape irrigation

Flotender GS Series
Greywater Processor
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Flotender GL Series
Greywater Processor
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Flotender GXL Series
Greywater Processor
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The Flotender GS, GL and GXL Series Greywater Processors provide precise greywater filtration and pressurization for reuse in landscape irrigation. The three units are identical in function but do differ in a few select areas. Click Here for a comprehensive comparison.

U.S. Patent:
8,961,782 B2

Designed for Drip Irrigation

Precise Filtration, Wide Compatibility.

The Flotender greywater irrigation system has been specifically designed to prepare greywater to meet the filtration demands required for use in a high-pressure drip irrigation system. Dual-stage filtration consists of 150 mesh (100 micron) primary filtration followed by a 150 mesh secondary filter to meet the filtration requirements for .5 GPH self flushing drip emitters or larger.

Greywater Processor Internal Components

GS, GL and GXL Series

Filter Access Cap with Compression Latch

Provides easy access to the filters without removing the bolt down lid


Primary Filter

Features a detachable 150 mesh (100 micron) stainless steel filter element


Bolt Down Lid

Provides a pump chamber which is tamper resistant.

Filter Carriage

Supports the primary filters and is easily removed to allow access to the pumping chamber

Self-Regulating Filter Wash System

Provides multi-point rotary spray to the primary filter ensuring that water flows freely through the filter element

Filter Flush Tubes

Automatically removes debris from the primary filter

Processor Shell

Provides protection for the internal workings of the Flotender Greywater Processor as well as contains the greywater stored in the built-in reservoir

Filter Element

Debris Guard

Prevents debris from falling into the Flotender Greywater Processor when the bolt-down lid is removed

Irrigation System

Supports multiple zones, scheduled irrigation times and advanced water usage reporting

Secondary Filter

Provides additional greywater filtration

Performance Indicators

Visual indication on the performance of the Flotender Greywater Processor

Irrigation Pump,
Float Switch and
Auto-Fill Switch

Auto-Fill Air-Gap

Provides back-flow protection for the potable water or rainwater auto-fill

From Potable Water or Stored Rainwater Source

Add-On Greywater Containment Units

U.S. Patent:
8,961,782 B2

Self-Cleaning Primary Filter

150 Mesh Filtration Captures All Inflowing Particles

Stage 1:

Filter Wash

The Flotender's patent pending self regulating filter wash system prevents lint and other greywater debris from collecting on the inside surface of the filter basket. The high pressure rotary spray nozzles are mounted on a flotation assembly which allows for constant cleaning at fluctuating water levels.


During times of excessive debris accumulation, debris-laden water is automatically drawn from the bottom of the primary filters and sent out the overflow. To maintain maximum system efficiency, the filter elements are easily removed for occasional follow-up cleaning.


Learn More about Flotender Maintenance >

Stage 2:

Filter Flush

Advanced Debris Sealing

Prevents Debris from Bypassing the Filter

In order for a drip irrigation system to work properly, the water being used must be completely free of even the smallest particulates. The Flotender Greywater Processor incorporates a series of ultra-tight gaskets and seals to prevent particulates from bypassing the filter.




(Flotender GS Series Greywater Processor Shown)



    The intake seal creates a water and debris-tight connection between the inside of the filter carriage and the intake pipe. The stainless steel flange secures the intake gasket to the filter carriage.


    Carriage Seal

    The carriage seal provides a water-tight connection between the filter carriage and the primary filter. A stainless steel clamp ensures that the notched rubber gasket is held in place even during high flow scenarios.


    Primary Filter Seal

    The primary filter includes a dual rubber gasket which provides a tight connection between the frame and removable basket.


    Filter Basket Clamp

    The primary filter basket is secured by a stainless steel clamp which provides compression and tightens the filter screen onto the filter frame. The tight seal eliminates the possibility of debris passing between the filter frame and the attached filter screen.





    Debris Guard

    The debris guard prevents debris from accidentally entering the system when the lid is removed. Multiple stainless steel brackets hold the polymesh in place securely around the top of the filter carriage.


    Wire Seal

    The wire seal is formed out of foam and ensures that the electrical entry to the system does not allow for a space for any outside debris to enter.


    Lid Seal

    The lid seal helps to prevent any potential oder from leaving the Flotender Greywater Processor. This seal is designed specifically for installations where the unit may be placed in a utility room or garage. Although oder emission from the Flotender system is very unlikely, the precise contents of greywater can very depending on the installation. For this reason the lid seal has been included on every Flotender system.

Secondary Filter

150 Mesh Additional Filtration

Micro Lint Protection

Washing machines produce a tremendous amount of lint which is captured by the primary filter. During the process of filtration a small amount of micro lint is produced which will break apart during the primary filtration process and "clump" together in the greywater reservoir. The secondary filter effectively captures this micro lint within it's the dual stage filtration chamber.

Maintenance Protection

When occasional maintenance is required by the primary filter the secondary filter acts as a backup against any debris that could possibly fall into the greywater reservoir when the primary filter is removed.  With this backup in place the possibility of external debris clogging the drip emitters is virtually eliminated.

Performance Indicators

Visual System Status Indication

The Flotender Greywater Processor's performance indicators provide a quick visual indication of system status.


When the system is functioning properly, both indicators will be fully extended. The brown indicator signals that the pump is running. The green indicator signals that the secondary filter is operating and the irrigation system is pressurized.



Secondary Filter

Secondary Filter Performance Indicator

Pump Performance Indicator

Ozone and Ultraviolet
Greywater Treatment Options

Although most regional greywater reuse codes do not require any type of  treatment for bacteria or other dissolved compounds, some public-facing projects call for an extended degree of greywater treatment.


Flotender provides two effective greywater treatment options which can be optionally added to the GS, GL and GXL series Flotender systems. The Flotender ozone treatment system treats the greywater that is contained within the built-in reservoir. The Flotender ultraviolet sterilizer treats the outflowing greywater and is located on the discharge line after the secondary filter.


Flotender Ozone Treatment System
Learn More >

Flotender Ultraviolet Sterilizer
Learn More >

High Pressure Irrigation Pumping

Accommodating Varying Pumping Heights and Distances

Whether the filtered greywater is intended to irrigate   lawn or planted landscapes of varying grades, the Flotender pump is fully capable of transporting the water where it is needed while maintaining optimal water pressure. Refer to the Irrigation System Sizing Guide for detail on the pumping capabilities of the Flotender system.




Expandable Greywater Surge / Containment

Modular Design, Endless Expansion Capability

Incorporated into every Flotender system is a built-in amount of greywater surge / containment capacity. If more capacity is required for the installation, additional reservoir expansion units can be connected to the system either during or post installation. There is no limit to the number of reservoir expansion units that can be attached to the Flotender system.




Built-In System Overflow

Protects Landscape and Surrounding Area

Each Flotender Greywater Processor includes a built-in overflow port which can be connected to the sewer,  septic or an approved drainage sump. This feature allows for excess greywater to be diverted from the system in the event of a full greywater reservoir.


 Greywater Irrigation Systems

Custom Systems


Custom Systems


Is your project a little outside of the box? Flotender Systems are fully customizable to fit the requirements of your project.

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