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Greywater Irrigation Systems from Filtrific


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Reducing Septic System Load

Reduce the load on a septic system with Flotender

In addition to Flotender's irrigation application, the Flotender system can also be used to reduce the burden on a residential or commercial septic system. Instead of the greywater flowing directly into the septic tank, it can be diverted to the Flotender System where it can be reused in irrigation or simply sent out to a leach field for dispersion.

Greywater Stub-out from Home

Overflow Return to Septic

U.S. Patent:
8,961,782 B2

To Leach Field

Reduced Septic Burden

By diverting greywater from the septic system and instead to a leach field or planting areas the debris burden of the septic system can be greatly reduced.



Dependable Filtration

Precise greywater filtration is essential prior to the distribution of greywater into a leach field. Small openings on perforated piping become clogged require replacement if debris is not being removed from the greywater first.



Minimal Maintenance

95% of greywater debris is captured in the Flotender self-cleaning primary filter. The other 5% is captured in the secondary filter which can be cleaned within 5 minutes and requires attention once every few months.



Visual System Status Indication

The Flotender greywater system provides an easy to see visual system status indication without  having to open the unit.



 Greywater Irrigation Systems

Custom Systems


Custom Systems


Is your project a little outside of the box? Flotender Systems are fully customizable to fit the requirements of your project.

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