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Greywater Irrigation Systems from Filtrific


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Flotender GXL Series Greywater Irrigation Systems

For high-flow greywater reuse applications

Included Components:

1 -  Flotender GXL series greywater irrigation system

The equipment and instructions required to install a Flotender GXL system from the greywater source through the exit valve where drip irrigation distribution tubing can connect. Drip irrigation distribution tubing and emitters are not included.







Surge Capacity




3/4 HP

1 HP



390 Gallons

390 Gallons







GXL Series Greywater System

CAD Details

Top View with Labels -

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GXL-390 Processor Footprint  -

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System Literature

System Warranty

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Flotender GXL Series Systems Feature:


Custom Systems

Please use one of the links below for a quote on a customized system which meets the exact requirements of your project. Additionally, 230v systems are available for international customers.


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Please contact us for freight charges on international shipments

Irrigation Guide

The irrigation area for the Flotender GS series systems depend on the number of emitters connected, pumping height, and the pipe run.


View the Flotender Zone Sizing Guide or contact us for assistance.


The Flotender GXL series systems include a self cleaning filter with automatic debris removal. For maximum system performance occasional maintenance is recommended.


For more information see the Flotender Installation & Maintenance Guide.


Built-into the Flotender GXL series  systems is a defined amount of greywater surge / containment. This can be expanded in intervals of 165 gallons by attaching Flotender expansion reservoir units. The number of reservoir expansion units that can be connected is unlimited.


The Flotender GXL is designed to be either be buried or placed above-ground in the landscape. Additionally the Flotender GXL system can be placed in a utility room.

Optional Components

Flotender Multi-Zone Package

Price: Varies

The Flotender multi-zone package upgrades the Flotender System from a single zone automatic on / off system to a multi-zoned timed system. The multi-zone package includes an irrigation controller and a 3 zone valves which can be expanded to a maximum of 15 zones.

Additional Information >

Transfer Station for Low Greywater Lines

Price: Varies

The Flotender transfer station is used when the greywater line from the building exits at a lower elevation than the intake port on the greywater processor.

Additional Information >

Jandy 3-Way Valve

Price: Varies

Intake Diversion

2-Zone Irrigation System

The 3-way valve allows for optional greywater diversion back to the sewer or septic system in the event of inclement weather or system maintenance.

The 3-way valve can be placed on the irrigation discharge line to allow for a manually switched, 2-zone irrigation system.

Additional Information >

Flotender Ozone Treatment System

Price: $1,760.00

The Flotender ozone treatment system helps to inhibit microorganisms and bacteria growth as well as reduce greywater odors in the greywater containment / surge reservoir.

Additional Information >

Flotender Ultraviolet Sterilizer System

Price: $1,269.00

The Flotender ultraviolet sterilizer system reduces the bacteria levels in the discharged greywater by exposing the filtered greywater to ultraviolet light. Can be combined with the Flotender ozone treatment system.

Additional Information >

Auto-Fill Sensor, Controller, Air Gap & Flow Regulator

Price: $225.00 - $2,165.00

Additional Information >

When the Flotender pump timer is installed, the auto-fill sensor will detect the in-processor water level and add additional potable water as needed to complete the irrigation cycle.

Greywater Processor Lid Extension

Price: $1,189.00

Additional Information >

The Flotender lid extension provides an increased lid elevation to match the surrounding grade. Available in 6” increments, the lid extensions can be stacked to meet site grade requirements.

GXL Series Expansion Reservoir

Price: $1,499.00

Unlimited Expansion

Durable Shell

6" Intake Ports

Each GXL series expansion reservoir provides an additional 165 gallons of greywater surge / containment which can be added during or post installation.

A heavy duty exterior shell is able to withstand rugged environments and is designed to be placed beneath walkways or driveways if required.

Four 6" connection ports allow for the water to freely flow from and to the Flotender Greywater Processor.

Additional Information >

Rainwater Storage Integration

Price: Varies

The Flotender system can utilize stored rainwater as a backup water source to supplement the produced greywater when irrigating the landscape. The Filtrific rainwater filter removes debris from in-flowing rainwater and provides pumping to above ground cisterns. An auto-fill pump provides a pressurized line for return back to the Flotender Greywater Processor.

Additional Information >

Irrigation Components

Price: Varies

Flotender offers a variety of different drip irrigation components which can be used with the Flotender Irrigation System such as above ground emitters, sub-surface in-line emitters, distribution tubing and valves.

Additional Information >

 Greywater Irrigation Systems

Custom Systems


Custom Systems


Is your project a little outside of the box? Flotender Systems are fully customizable to fit the requirements of your project.

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